Friday, October 28, 2011

Creating an Identity
After having been raised in a church setting all my life, I still to this day struggle to define my own identity in my faith. I know the beliefs, rituals, and social norms associated with my church but for me, it is finding an avenue to express my opinions outside the church curriculum that keep me from feeling complete. What do other Christians think about politics? What do they think about the environment? Are we all supposed to be on the same page involving outside interests? For some of these questions I might have never known if it weren’t for online resources such as blogs and chat forums that allow you to take conversation outside of the church. Such blogs, such as, allow people discuss politics involving religion, which are often times pushed aside, in order to successfully complete their individual church curriculum. There are also other blogs, not primarily based on religion, but created by someone with religious ideals, where people can gather and express their opinions outside of the church. These online resources have helped me strengthen my religious identity. I have used them as an outlet to overcome geographical boundaries as well as time constraints.

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